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Maia Walczak



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Wylder’s world is full of wonder. Each day is a chance to meet a new forest friend, each night a chance to wish upon a star. His father, Thor, works hard to make sure the two of them live happily in the forest.

This is a quiet tale of the bond between a boy and his father, that invites you to slow down and reflect with it. An ode to wonder and the wild, and a story of love and loss, but, above all, a celebration of gentleness, sensitivity, compassion and connection: to nature, to one another, and to our fellow creatures.

Wylder is the latest in Maia’s series of wordless picture books.

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Children's picture book
Paperback, p
ublished in 2019
For ages: 3+
Dimensions: 260 x 260mm


Watch Engine House VFX short animation based on Wylder:

Wylder from Engine House on Vimeo.

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