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Maia Walczak



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  • Limited edition of 40
  • Hand signed
  • Eco hemp fine art giclée print (Hahnemühle 290gsm)
  • 40 x 40cm

SATORI is a nod to the vibrancy of life that lies right here, beyond the veil. The veil is all the concepts we have of who we think we are, what we think life is, the world is. The inner noise that veils our perception and stops us from seeing. We think we know what a tree is, therefore we cannot see the tree. We see the world not for what it is, but for who we are. We’ve learnt the words for everything, so we can no longer truly see anything. When all those mind concepts suddenly drop away we see life anew, and are confronted with a bizarre and mind blowing mystery. Life. Existence. Quite frankly it’s bonkers that any of this is happening.⁣⁣
Open your eyes. The ordinary is extraordinary 

Satori is a reproduction of an original painting.

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