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Maia Walczak



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  • Signed fine art giclée print
  • Available in various sizes
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The story behind Night Surf:

Six hours of coastal hiking, half of which was spent racing back because I was worried I’d be cut off by the tide and wouldn’t get home, never mind make it back to watch what promised to be an amazing sunset, or what felt even less likely make it back for a sunset surf. The surf forecast had been totally wrong again, as I raced home I watched incredible waves. In my race against tide and time, I made it home, and with aching limbs I made it into my wetsuit, popped the board on the roof of my car and I drove.⁣

I paddled out into the waves just as that huge red sun set into the sea. Mesmerized. And then... one of the most magic surfs I think I’ve ever had. Wave. After wave. I thought, ‘I’ll be happy with just half an hour until last light’. But no. I stayed out til dark dark. The nightliest surf I’ve ever had. That crescent moon. THAT CRESCENT MOON!! For a while there were two of us out there with the night, I don’t know who he was, I could barely see him. And then, no one but me, no one as nuts as me. I caught waves and rode them blind. And I stargazed. I actually STARGAZED!!!!


This fine art print is a reproduction of an original surf art piece by Maia Walczak. A mixture of a hand drawn original pencil sketch, painting, collage, and digital art were used to create the original piece. 

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