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Maia Walczak



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  • Limited edition of 15
  • Hand signed
  • Eco agave fine art giclée print (Hahnemühle 290gsm)
  • 30 x 30cm
  • Shipped without frame

A few of my favourite species of wild edible mushrooms that I find locally in the forests of Cornwall and Devon, combined with my love of the sea and waves, and encapsulated in the unfathomable vastness of an infinite universe. Mycocosmos is a reproduction of an original painting.

The species in this piece:
Bay bolete (boletus badius)
Common puffball (lycoperdon perlatum)
Chanterelle (cantharellus cibarius)
Saffron milkcap (lactarius deliciosus)
Scarlet elfcup (sarcoscypha austriaca)
Beefsteak fungus (fistulina hepatica)
Amethyst deceiver (laccaria amethystina)
Porcini (boletus edulis)
Orange birch bolete (leccinum versipelle)
Hedgehog fungus (hydnum repandum)
Red cracking bolete (xerocomellus chrysenteron)
Parasol (macrolepiota procera)
Chicken of the woods (laetiporus sulphureus)
Jelly ear/wood ear (auricularia auricula-judae)
Velvet shank (flammulina velutipes)

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