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Maia Walczak



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  • Original on poplar plywood panel with aluminium sub frame
  • Acrylic, coloured pencil, and varnish
  • 70 x 100 x 4.4cm
  • Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
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Everything Is Illuminated is a nod to the mystical and magical. For me going to the woods to forage edible mushrooms was always an experience that took me to what felt like some kind of subtly different realm or plain of reality. Perhaps it’s the focus that forces your mind to act in a different way to the usual... That, coupled with being in an environment that evokes certain feelings, be it through associations with fairytales or with the fact that the forest is a living organism, a hidden world of communication, interconnected relationships and energy that we’re only more recently starting to learn about in more detail. It’s awe inspiring. Maybe it’s not so much that the experience takes me to another plain of reality, but that with a mind more focused I’m actually just finally more connected to what reality actually is, to the mind boggling wonder of it.⁣

The wild edible mushrooms featured in this piece are the porcini (boletus edulis), bay bolete (boletus badius), and orange birch bolete (leccinum versipelle) - a few of my favourite mushroom species to find.

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